It’s time for a Voluntary Assisted Dying Law in 2017

Stop The Horror

Stop The Horror

Later this year, Victorian MPs will hold a conscience vote on Voluntary Assisted Dying legislation. Our aim is to make these MPs understand the widespread community support for this compassionate law. We want to let Victorian MPs know they can vote for it with confidence.

Stop The Horror is a new film, directed by acclaimed film-maker Justin Kurzel, that recreates the true story of Victorian Greg Sims during the last stages of his terminal illness. The horror of this film is the reality of the suffering Greg faced at the end of his life. Suffering that could have been avoided had a Voluntary Assisted Dying law been an option.

Greg’s story is just one of many. This film marks the beginning of a new campaign to let people understand the horrifying reality faced by terminally ill Victorians and their families every week in the absence of this law. We hope that this understanding will get people to act now - to make their voice heard and help stop Victorian’s suffering.

You can watch Stop The Horror here and please share it on social media.

Read Nia’s story about her dad, Greg Sims, here.

We must warn you that this film is very disturbing and contains graphic scenes that may offend sensitive viewers.

Thank you for your continued commitment to bringing an end to the suffering experienced by so many terminally ill Victorians who deserve a more compassionate choice at the end of their life.

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