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Jen's petition



To members of the Victorian Parliament,

My name is Jen Barnes and I am a nurse of 40 years.  I’ve seen a lot of deaths and some of them have been far from ideal.  Now I have a terminal illness. It’s an aggressive form of brain cancer and I know that it can lead to a very undignified death.

I may be lucky and I may just drift into a slumber. But I may suffer with seizures. I could certainly potentially be confused or have my words so jumbled that I make no sense.

I don't want to die. No-one wants to die. Because we all want to see the next grandchild, the next birthday, the trees bloom or whatever – we all want that. 

But I know that at some point in time they’re not going to be able to help me and they’ll say, ‘No, we can’t operate, we can’t give you treatments anymore, and this is the beginning of the end’.

Palliative care is very good but I know that it doesn’t work for everybody. If it comes to it, I will want another option.  

It’s very important to me to have control of my destiny. Anybody that knows me knows that I wouldn’t want it any other way.  And it’s not just for myself, it’s for my family, too.  It’s no benefit for my husband and my children for it to be a long and drawn out procedure just because I still have breath.  

My family is behind my choice. So are my friends in nursing, as well as most people I know in our local community.

Please support the Voluntary Assisted Dying legislation when it comes to the parliament in the coming months.  I say politicians are there to represent the community, not just themselves.  70-75% of us want this law.  And that’s what I want you as our representatives to focus on.

Thank you for your support.

Yours sincerely


Jen Barnes


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    when there is NO CURE for a disease and a person is in pain, or a person is hugely incapacitated because of an incurable disease and life itself is a burden, we should be able to decide our fate.
  • signed 2017-10-21 12:14:44 +1100
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    I wish you the best Jen.

    May the majority voice be heard so that unnecessary suffering and grief is ended.
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    As a fellow nurse , I so agree with you Jen.
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  • signed 2017-09-29 16:28:30 +1000
    My father believed in euthanasia. I have just supported him through palliative care. He was in excrutiating pain for the last 2 weeks of his life and the palliative care pain relief did not take away the pain.

    I sat with him for 12 to 14 hours a day, holding his hands during each spasm of pain and encouraging to relax after each spasm. I brought my own thermos and food and only left the room to use his ensuite toilet.

    I felt angry with the palliate care doctors and their “team” that they refused to increase his medication sufficiently (each day they added extra to the automatic pump based on the previous 24 hour use of top up relief). The extra he received was only during the time I was there to ring the bell on his behalf and not at night time. It is beyond believe that a highly qualified person such as a doctor was unable to understand my mathematical reasoning that the extra added each day should be averaged over the hours that I was there to support him.

    The ward nurses were absolutely brilliant but could not give him extra without him asking for it – the doctors had not written an order for extra to be given every hour. In fact the ward doctor authorised the extras that were asked for whilst I was there – the palliative care team had not authorised any extra. The average of inadequate pain relief is more inadequate pain relief.

    I felt like Dad was being punished for choosing to refuse further treatment and opting for an automatic pump.

    To top it all off the nurse on the palliative care put her arm around me (uninvited and invading my space) and said I must cry.

    Dad has lived in a granny flat added to our home for the last 16 years. It was an honour to help him over that time and to be able to support him in his last request, it was what he wanted and I did NOT need to cry.

    When it comes my turn, I would like to know that I can have immediate supply of adequate medication to die peacefully and without the indignity of being in hospital for weeks.
  • signed via 2017-09-28 03:23:17 +1000

    So’ che magari non capirete l’italiano ma io sono con voi…ci sono passata anche io e ho per 10 giorni visto vivere mia mamma con dolore.

    Una morte che non auguro a nessuno.

    Tutti hanno diritto a una morte dignitosa.

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    All we deserve this right.
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    Sign the petition: Jen's petition
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    As a nursing colleague I’m so happy to support you Jen.

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