There's no pain relief for suffering.

75% of Victorians want a Voluntary Assisted Dying Law.

But it won't happen unless you contact your Local Member and tell them to support the bill. Please do it now.

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It’s time for a Voluntary Assisted Dying Law in 2017

Lawrie Daniels

Cherry Tree Grove

Like many older Australians, a group of residents of Cherry Tree Grove retirement village, were keen to have their voice heard. 

They put together a petition to change voluntary euthanasia legislation and invited Andrew Denton to support their campaign.

If you believe in choice, we need your voice.

The most powerful thing you can do is write to your MP and ask people in your community to do the same.

Together with a group of supporters we have put together some resources to help you rally support in your community.

Leaflet for letterbox drop

This is a snapshot of who we are and why we want a safe and compassionate Voluntary Assisted Dying law plus all of the names & address details of local MPs.

Melbourne metro version
Regional Victoria version

What you can do sheet

Instructions on how you can take action: write to or visit your MP, organise a bus trip, sign a petition. The back of the sheet also has contact details of all local MPs.

Melbourne metro version
Regional Victoria version

Fact sheet

Frequently asked questions about Voluntary Assisted Dying

Download fact sheet

To order printed versions of these resources, please contact Stacey Halls via

She can also help you organise an event in your community and answer any further questions you may have.

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