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Victorian Politicians will soon vote on Voluntary Assisted Dying legislation.

75% sounds like a majority of Victorians, but that majority does not vote. This law will not pass unless enough local constituents tell their MP to support it. So please tell them now that you want this law.

75% Of Victorians want the choice of a peaceful death. But only their MP can grant their wish.

There is a cry for help. It may be muted, it may be veiled, but it is there nonetheless. And they all know it – including doctors. They know that this person is screaming for help but no one is going to answer this call. Not in this society. So they have got to die alone.”

Victorian Coroner, John OlleTestifying to a parliamentary inquiry about the incidence of suicide due to terminal illness in Victoria

Change won't happen without you.
Now is the time.

Contact your MP

They need to hear from as many of their local constituents as possible. We need you to make your voice heard now and make it clear to politicians that this is a law you want.


Your donation will help give us the resources to communicate with all MPs and ensure that your support, and the support of 75% of Victorians is known. All donations over $2 are tax deductible.

Share your story

If you would like to share your story, we would love to hear it. Overwhelmingly, people whose friends or family members have witnessed a terrible death support VAD, but these stories need to be heard. It is a powerful way to make an impact on MPs who are deciding where their conscience lies on this vote.

Share this campaign

Let your friends know your support this law. We need as many voices as possible to speak to the Victorian MPs:

Our stories

Like many older Australians, a group of residents of Cherry Tree Grove retirement village, were keen to have their voice heard. Watch their video.

Victorian Nurse Jen Barnes is dying of brain cancer. She knows what kind of death awaits her, which is why she wants a Voluntary Assisted Dying Law. Sign Jen's petition.

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